The Blind Girl – Chapter 2 – Bloody Meeting Part 5

Beyond Love Existence - Book 1 – The Blind GirlXiao Wang attacked and attacked like there was no tomorrow and the evil lord just blocked his attacks instead of attack himself so the clanking sounds was only answered by the thunder in the sky which had started to move away from the battlefield leaving only the rain left. Suddenly the old lord attack back and gave Xiao Wang deep cut on his left shoulder making him almost drop the shield in pain but he did not give up and he started to think of his girls at home and who will protect them from harm now they were all alone. He started to dream himself away and to meeting his girls on the hill that he had agreed with Ling Wang to meet on. He were watching the play together from behind so only the black hair was showing so he ran against them and took a gentle grip in his little girl and turned her around to hug her but instead a dead head appeared and when he look again the entire area was either burning or already ash. He looked back at his child who opened his mouth and yelled “No dreams about family just yet” and he returned to the fight against the evil lord who had watched him dream away. “You are not allowed to dream about your family just yet” he repeated and almost teased against Xiao Wang

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