The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 4

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ling Wang took the last bite of the bread and was about to say something but her ears caught the birds flying away fast and wild together with lots of broken branches and suddenly Jiahao Wang yelled “I know you cannot see, but try if you can get on the horse anyway while I keep them at bay” Ling Wang could feel the fear from the events with her servant grow inside her together with her mother sending her away so instead of froze so almost turned to stone and could not move a muscle, she could not even make herself breath or chewing the mouthful she still had in her mouth. Soon a high scream was hear and she knew that Jiahao Wang had attacked and hopefully killed the first one as the voice did not sound like his voice. Suddenly someone hit her in the back and she landed in the cold muddy ground with a splash and her face got under the small amount of water and still she was not able to move so her mind started to fill with thoughts “You are dying now, this is the end” she could hear her mother say “You are weak and worth nothing” her father’s voice continued but suddenly the old man voice was in her head “You are not worthless and your parents loved you more than life itself” she could feel her arm move in the mud beside her and soon the other arm followed as a power inside her started to grow and before she knew it they arms had raised her for the muddy ground and she was ready to go to the horse but just as she was about to move, she felt a sword touching her neck and a dry evil voice commanded “You stay here, little girl” Ling Wang could feel the power turning into a rage and without any warning or control she turned around and faced the man with the sword who was so surprised that he did not managed to move and in the next second it was too late as she had grabbed the sword by the blade with her hand and even small drops of blood started to fall down from her fingers she could not feel the pain and in one move she had forced the sword from the soldier and now he was the one laying the muddy ground without any breaths as the ground slowly turned more and more red.

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