The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 5

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
There were no time to think only do as soon two new soldiers were right in front of her and even she could not see them, she could feel their present so she just raised the sword from the soldier from before and felt the blood run down her arms fueling her rage even more and in the next second she was already next to the two soldiers who just stood like stones and before they were able to move Ling Wang had already made them lose their breath and made them kneel in front of her. They tried to speak but before they could say anything they were already down in the muddy ground in two parts with blood running anywhere. Jiahao Wang who had been having his own battles looked at the killings that Ling Wang had done with both fear and surprised look but before he could yell anything to Ling Wang he felt a sharp sword against his throat “Be quiet, old man… do not say a word before I command you to” in the meantime had Ling Wang slashed another solider down and there were no end in sight of her rage and she took aim at the next soldier who was already screaming of fear of what she would do to to him but just as the sword hit him, Jiahao Wang yelled “Ling Wang, please stop” but it was too late as Long wang just finished her cut and leaved the man died in his own blood before walking against the old man and his capture. “Stop and put down your sword or I will kill the old man” Ling Wang stopped and slowly dropped her sword like she were commanded but the rage inside her made she not able to speak. “Good girl” the capture replied

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