The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 6

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Jiahao Wang feared the worst and wondered what would happen next as he could see that Ling Wang was not the peaceful girl he had meet not long ago and even her fighting style was very much like her father, he did not have a rage like hers but he didn’t experience an heartbreaking event like Ling Wang had. He wanted to warn his capture that she was out of control at the moment but before he managed to get a chance to open his mouth his face got covered in blood and for a second he worried that it was his own blood but as no pain was felt and instead was a release of his shoulders, he knew what happened and he turned around while the body of his former capture fell to the ground like a doll. Ling Wang was standing not far from him with the rain started to clean her of blood. He took his eyes of her for a second as he looked around and so far he could see they were all alone now. Suddenly Ling Wang started screaming of pain and Jiahao Wang moved his eyes back on her but only managed to see fall to the ground and her screams disappeared. He ran over to her in an instant to make sure she were alright and started to check her before a weak hand grabbed his bread and an almost silence voice spoke “Where am I? Is it you Jiahao…” the voice disappeared together with grip before Jiahao Wang had the chance to answer and he started to search quicker for any injuries which was hard when the branch had hit her too no so long ago. He couldn’t find any and was relieved when her breath returned and was normal. He made sure they were alone before he took her in hands and carried her back to blanket and fire which had almost died out doing the heat of the fight because of the heavy rain which continued to fall over them. He looked around again to be sure that they were alone and then he started to get his horse ready again as it had lost a few of the things that he previously had prepared.

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