The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 7

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
In the meantime in a tent not far from there is three people seating around a table with a big map on it. The three people looks at each other and at the map before the oldest of the three, Li Chen, starts “We need to make plans for the invasion of the entire country so we can rule everything which our father was destine to rule before his brother took it all from him and later us” He stopped and took a small knife from his belt and hammered into the map where Beijing was placed. “Yeah our father was a weakling for first losing it all to his brother and later losing our mother years ago, then lose to the same man today” the only female, Ning Chen, replied making sure that her two brothers knew that she had not turned weak after they had killed their father. The last brother, Gang Chen, looked at the map and replied “I hope the 12 soldiers we sent the girl have done their job of killing her, so we can be sure that Beijing does not get the news about the attack before we get there tomorrow” They nodded in agreement before Li Chen pointed at the south of the map near the sea. “Gang Chen, you take your army and use it to fight all the way south you can so the emperor cannot get help from there” Gang Chen nodded in agreement before Li Chen continued “Ning Chen, you will take your army and force it to the west and make sure that the emperor cannot get help from there” Ning Chen nodded too and Li Chen continued again “I am going to take the main army which our father was going to control to the emperor palace and capture it… of course I will wait to you are back here to kill the emperor and whatever pathetic heir he has.” Their faces turned all in to big smiles, Ning Chen smiled bigger and answered “It felt good to finally to destroy the town which betrayed us so many years ago and I really enjoyed getting my sword covered in the blood of people” She took up her sword which was still bloody form earlier and licked some of the blood. “Cannot wait for the blood of more people, my brothers” The brothers looked at her and each other before laughing loud.

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