The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 8

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
They decided to go to bed for the night as now they have done the first part of the plan and there was no survivors so why rush the plan more than needed. Gang Chen and Ning Chen left the tent leaving Li Chen the only leader in the tent and he walked over to a beaten woman “Now don’t you worry, we will kill your daughter long before she will have a chance to see your look” Ning Wang looked up but before she could reply back Li Chen slapped her face and started to lose her chains from the tent pole and force her over to the bed where he removed the little clothes she had left and started to force her, making her scream of pain but no one care and came to her rescue. Just as the fun part for Li Chen was about to happen Ning Wang managed to scream “You will pay for this” before being slapped again but she continued “Be happy that you have never seen my daughter so she cannot hunt you in your dreams” and as the last word left her mouth she bite him hard the shoulder making him drop the chain and she kicked him and started running out of the tent but before she reached the opening the chain got tight once more and in the next she were laying on the ground and all turned dark. Li Chen looked at her for a second before yelling “Guards” and two soldiers ran into the tent quick “Lock her back up, I am going to sleep now and I won’t be disturbed by anything other than good news about that her daughter is dead” the soldiers nodded as one and started to do as he had commanded while he could go to bed in almost at peace as he wondered why she would say that he should be happy that he had not met her as the only woman he knew who could use a sword was his own sister Ning Chen and if she had been training with a sword then why were she not out in the forest with her father and the rest of the training men. He shook his head to clear his mind as no matter what she would be dead soon as the 12 men would kill her faster than a blink of an eye and with that the thought in mind he feel asleep expecting a good night sleep after all the events from killing his father to destroy the town which failed to help them so many years ago.

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