The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 9

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Not soon after he was asleep his mind started to create will dreams and he was soon on a green hill full of red flowers and as he walked around them birds where singing and the sun shine. All was good but suddenly he froze as he started to hear low voices and it sounded like it were screams but no matter where he looked he could not see a single soul around him and he walked around as the screams got higher and higher before he by mistake looked down and watched the the red flowers turned into blood for every step he took and the path he had walked had turned into blood. He was about to scream but as he was about to open his mouth something shining started to appear in the horizon and he decided to get it out without making a noise as it the blood in his path made him worry if the shinning object were friend or foe. But he had to find out quickly or the screams from the flowers would drive him made. He looked down and started to try him as few flowers as possible while still walking against the object. Suddenly he felt something hitting him like a push and before he could plant his legs down he landed on the ground with a bum. He wanted to scream but the blood from the flowers filled his mouth and as he started to get it out again the object appeared right in front of him and it was a golden dragon and suddenly the screams where all gone and he enjoyed the peace even it only lasted for seconds as then a thunderous voice broke the silence. “You will never get the power without great loses” and before he could reply the dragon it flew through him and soon he was in a dark room away from the hill and flowers who screams he could still hear in his head. He raised himself up but two sets of arms tried to held him down to the ground and when he finally got forces himself up he looked into the eyes of two people he knew very well, his sister and brother, and as he got his eyes out of theirs he watched the were naked, one with cut marks all over the body and the other a almost cut head. He tried to scream but nothing came out of his mouth and as he tried again the hands from his siblings covered his mouth while whispering something low and he did his best to hear what they were saying and suddenly it turned into screams “don’t lose us, don’t kill us, don’t lose us” they repeated over and over until the noise got unbearable and he closed his eyes and as he open his eyes again he were back in the tent and the rain had gotten stronger again and lightnings had started to light up the sky. It ran cold down his back as he heard a laugher as he was not sure if he were back from the dream “you have seen him” a tired voice broke the laughter and he knew it was just Ning Wang who was playing with him so he stood out of bed “be quiet” he almost yelled but she continued her laughter from before but as she watched what he had planned she was about to scream but too late. Her head was the first that hit the ground and soon the body followed covering the area in blood as she were dead. He walked back to his bed to continue his sleep as he knew it had just been a dream and they did not mean anything and his eyes started get heavy again but his mind were nowhere relaxed and ready to sleep now.

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