The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 10

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
He closed his eyes hard and started to focus on the rain drops instead of the nightmare which had awaken him not long ago and soon he was already fast asleep but this time there were no dreams or nightmares in his sleep only an annoying voice calling “General, general” before his ears and mind finally understood it was in the real world the sound was coming from and he opened his eyes again and he so tired of being awaken again with such short distance. He staring with eyes sending lightnings at the man who had been yelling for him seconds ago and now was standing in front of him covered in blood. “I hope that blood is from the girl I ordered you and 11 others to kill” The soldier looked down in the ground and did not answer as a cat had taken his tongue. “Why are you waking me up if you don’t have anything to say” Li Chen continued while slowly walking closer to his sword on the bed. A very low voice replied “I am sorry to have awaken you, my lord but I bring bad news” Li Chen took the last step against the bed and took the sword before turning against the soldier and swung his sword fast making the soldier start screaming of pain as his left arm started to slide down and land on the ground “I told you that I would only be awaken if you had good news, stop screaming and tell me the news or I cut you again” He yelled to break thought the screams. The soldier tried to focus but the pain was too much so it was not very understandable “We… ambush… crazy girl… old man… death…” Li Chen looked at the man and smiled “Try again and this time more words please” The soldier became more calm as a medic entered the room and started to cover the hole “We attacked and ambushed her and some older man who was with her but something happen and she turned into a crazy person and started killing us for fun even when we took the old man hostage” he said and Li Chen smiled again “See, that was not hard, was it?” The soldier started to shake his head but before he could reply properly he fell to the ground while holding himself on the chest with his only arm. Li Chen had stabbed him and he was laughing loud now “I told you guys to handle it and if you cannot beat a small girl and old man you are a disgrace to my army so die now” and then he cut the head of town as he was tired of the scream. The medic who had been seating next the soldier was speechless but did not do anything else than leave the body and the tent. Li Chen look at the body while thinking about who the old man could be when it hit him that in his father battle against the young man years ago, he had also been fighting an old man and that old man was the main reason that they had lost but luckily they had still managed to escape. He thought hard but could not remember the name of the old man but wondered if the dream was together with events and that the dragon was him. He decide he would not take the chance on having the old man on the lose so he walked out to his guards. “I want more guards at my siblings and I tents plus I want someone to clean up my tent as it is a mess in there” the soldiers just nodded as they knew what had happened inside the tent not long ago. Li Chen was about to walk inside the tent again to sleep some more when the sun started to raise up in the east and he knew that he had been getting more sleep than expected and he turned his focus on his guards again and yelled “Bring me my siblings now and clean up the mess now then you can find extra guards later” and then he walked into the tent and cleaned the sword while talking to himself “That old man have made my hand kill twice and ruined my plans to attack the emperor’s palace with all my might and power. I hope we get there before him so we can hurt them down afterwards without any place for them to go”

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