The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 1

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ling Wang could feel the movements from the horse as she slowly woke up after the crazy events doing the night. She opened her eyes and watched as the ground moved quickly below as her senses started to wake up too. She could feel the tears starting to press on and soon they started to fall but before her mind was able to think about why, a heavy pain started to feel hear body and she started to scream loudly which surprised both the horse and Jiahao Wang who tried to control the horse while making sure that Ling Wang was not hurt by the horse. Finally he managed to stop the horse and step off the horse before trying to calm Ling Wang down so she would stop screaming but her pains was too heavy to just stop quickly and the screaming got worse as she started to notice blood leaving her belly. Jiahao Wang tried to think in the noise but he had a hard time getting ideas plus he worried if any evil would find them before they could continue on their trip to the palace. It had been a while since he last had been there but he knew they were not far from it so if they just could get there without scaring too many civilians they would be safe at the emperor. He took a deep breath to block out the sound and then took Ling Wang of the horse and started to hold her like a little child to make her feel safe so it was not the reason for her to scream. It took the worst of the sceaming and soon he could lay her on the grass as he started searching in the pockets on the horse for some fabrics he could use to make a new bandage even he knew it would become better when they would appear at the palace but maybe the screams would stop for good if he did that. He found a piece of bread that they had not eaten the even before and put it her mouth to block the screaming and soon after he had found a nice fabric which had been a gift for Ling Wang’s mother Ning Wang but there was no use for it. He started gentle to change the bandage and with every run around the belly the screams got lower and soon Ling Wang was quiet and only breathing heavy except for the few times that he had to touch the injuries. Ling Wang looked at him and even she did not say a word, he knew that she were thanking him for what he had down so far. As he was done he kissing her forehead before replying “Try not to scream when I lift you on the horse again, my child” Ling Wang got so confused about the my child that she just nodded in agreement and almost did not notice that he moved her even she at first landed on the wound. “Tell me when and where it hurts next time without screaming as we are not on safe ground yet but soon” he continued before he slowly started walking with the horse by focusing it way holding a tight grip in the harness and soon they were back on the trip to the emperor’s palace.

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