The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 2

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ling Wang could feel the pain growing inside her again both in the mind and the injuries but she kept quiet as she did not want to lose more lives. She started to look on the sun which was red as blood even that it had been raising for a while. She wondered how much time there had been gone since her rage against the soldiers and now but she decided not to ask Jiahao ask he looked focused on getting to the palace as quickly and quietly as possible so she tried to get back to sleep again even it was hard because of the pains. Suddenly a yelling voice broke the silence and Ling Wang looked around to find the source and understand what it said but before she found it, the sound found her as head popped forward from the bushes. “Hello, are you alright?” He continued but before Ling Wang could answer him Jiahao had already taken a hard grip in the man without a single word. “What is wrong old man? Is the girl your daughter or something?” The stranger continued and Ling Wang wanted to answer him but the look from Jiahao told her that it was a bad idea and in the next second the stranger had pulled a knife and started yelling “give me your values or get cut, I am not asking twice” Jiahao who had been silence doing the all could not prevent himself from laughing which started to annoy the stranger. “Stop laughing” but before he could say more had Jiahao slowly drawn his sword and pointed it at the man. He made big eyes when he noticed the size, he started to lose focus and stutter “I am… sorry for… ruining you day… bye” he manage to say before he were gone and Jiahao stopped laughing and put his sword back on place before he pointed in from them. “We are almost there” he spoke as his fingers pointed outta a wall in the horizon which did not look like much.

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