The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
As they got closer more people started to show up on the road they were following and Ling Wang knew it would be a bad idea to say anything about the attack at her home or she might start a panic which was not needed as the emperor had a big army which would be able to defend them. The wall have grown bigger and it was possible to see a gate in the wall now where people was lining up to get inside the town as the guards was checking if they were allowed to enter the place. The pain in her belly was getting better so she was seating on the horse so it would look normal and her bandages was had been changed too. Suddenly Jiahao stopped the horse and whispered “Stay here, do not make a move or sound and I will be back after done the paper works” Ling Wang just nodded and soon he walked away from them and over against two guards who was doing nothing. Ling Wang watched before focusing on keeping the horse in control. In the meantime was Jiahao arrived at the soldiers. “I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor” he started quiet and gentle which made the soldiers looked at each other at first and then looked stupid at him “Who is that, and why are you not in the line like the rest” one of them replied and Jiahao looked at be angry at them before he replied “I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor” with a more focused voice. The soldiers just shacked their head and pointed on the line “Go to the line like everyone else” they continued. Jiahao looked up at the sun for a moment before returning to them “I don’t have time this” and then he started searching for some proof of who he was so they could come trough the gate fast but before he could finish, one of the soldiers pushed him “Go to the line now, you cannot just jump the line because you feel you are important” That was stupid and Jiahao had to focus his mind to not be yelling at the guards. “For the last time… I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor so please let me in”


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