The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 4

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ling Wang had hear it all from the horse and had no idea what she should do until she suddenly remembered the medallion her mother have given her and if it had been the plan to show it to the emperor then she could maybe get into him by showing it, but where was it. She didn’t had it around her neck like her mother have given her and she started to be sad and worried about that it could be gone in the forest, lost doing the branch or the fights. As she turned the saddest she was about to yell to Jiahao Wang if he had it but a strange feeling started to appear in her heart and a light appear in her dark eyes. At first she was scared of the light and the feeling because she had heard many old people talk about a light that would appear when you were dying and the strange feeling could be a pain from her wounds that she did not know but then suddenly the light turned into a star and started dancing in front of her like it wanted to tell her something and she move her arms out after it and started following it and soon felt the pockets on the horse. She started to open the pockets but could not find any medallion and the fear returned but as the darkness was about to win, she felt something, something which only could be the medallion and even she was not sure that Jiahao Wang would have one too she knew it was her family’s. She wanted to yell about it to Jiahao but he had told her that he did not want her to move or yell so she decided that movement was the best as then she would be get up close to escape the people and make less know about the attack so she started to feel the horse. It was the first time she had been getting of a horse without anybody to help her but she had to make a try. She bend forward against what she knew was the head and whispered “please let me get off gentle” and she felt like the horses started to relax more and she started grip in the horse gentle and do the swinging of her legs like her father had learned her but as she managed to turn, the ground was longer down that excepted and she fell to the ground and landed in some mud. She was about to get mad at herself but felt lucky that she didn’t lose the medallion when without warning a loud scream was heard “Look out!” And in the next second she was hit by a horseshoe in the belly near the place she had been hit by the branch. Her tongue started to taste the blood coming and slowly feeling the mouth. She started to feel dizzy and held tightly at the medallion, a gentle voice appear in the dark “Are you hurt?” She tried to answer but the blood was taking over and instead she could hear the voice of Jiahao yelling of someone and her on the same time before the voices disappeared and she blacked out.

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