The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 5

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She woke up with a set almost screaming of pain but no voice left her mouth but she knew that she were not in the mud anymore and the medallion was no longer in her hand but around her neck and when she felt her surroundings even better she found it to be a soft bed and the blanket was nice too, but wait what was that it was sticky but still soft. As she started to feel it more a strangers laugher started and she knew that it was a head and it was not the old man she was used to but someone younger. She felt a hand grip hers and the laugher stopped but a gentle voice continued “Do you mind not picking my eyes out, my lady” she were not used to be called that so she could feel her checks getting red and unable to answer. “You are the shy type, aren’t you?” The the voice continued and before she had a chance to try answering “I like that, now if you will excuse me… I am the crown price and my father is the emperor. Ups I forgot to tell our names, guess I am still a bit sleepy as it is the middle of the night and you have been in bed for the most of the day and night but the old man you were with have told my father your story so I am sorry for your loss. Now back to the names, my father is named Jiang Chen and I am Jun Chen… what was yours again?” Finally Ling Wang voice started to work again and she replied with her courtesy “My lord, my name is Ling Wang” she could still taste the blood in her mouth and tried to clean it away with her tongue but it did not work so before Jun Chen could replied she continued “My lord, could you bring me some water as my mouth is full of blood” Jun Chen stood up from the bed and clapped two times before replying “you don’t need to call me, my lord after all what you and your family have done” and just as he were done a door was opened and steps were heard. “You clapped your highness?” And Ling Wang was about to repeat her request but Jun Chen was faster “Bring me some water for Ling Wang so she can get the blood out of her mouth” the servant was about to leave when Jun Chen stopped him “Did I tell you to go? Never mind… Ling Wang do you need something to eat too?” Ling Wang was about to answer when her belly started rumble loud making all three laugh loud. “I takes that as a yes” Jun Chen managed to replied while laughing and the servant left the room.

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