The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 6

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
As the door closed it opened again and in walked the emperor Jiang Chen and Jiahao Wang entered. “Good to see you well, Ling Wang” Jiang Chen, Ling Wang could hear that the emperor was having mixed feelings so she just replied “Thank you, my lord” the emperor tried to laugh but it almost died in the sadness “No need to call me my lord” and a moment of silence filled the room before the emperor continued “I am sorry for your loss and Jiahao have told your story but do you have any ideas of what happened to your father? Other than he and the other men was not there when you got attacked in the town?” Ling Wang could feel the tears pressure her eyes but she didn’t want to cry in front of the emperor but before she could answer she felt a pair of gentle arms surround her and a gentle voice replied “we are all here to help you with your lose and I know it is hard to answer but try”

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