Busy and stupid day

Hello dear followers

Today was a bit annoying as my alarms didn’t wake me up so got late for work but all was good just no mood to write part in train. Work was fine and got the last papers for my holiday printed and spend the last hours of work before as they are going Sweden tomorrow while I am going Japan Saturday. After work I went scouting where I had lots of problems first I could not find tv for watching a movie with the kids and to make a story long story short then I use my phone to make WiFi with less than 20% left and no charger to stream a movie on my laptop which had 34% left who was streaming online to the tv and no charger either but it all managed to show a movie for about 1 hours 30mins and now I am watch football. So no parts today and guess Friday will be the last part for 2 weeks as I am going Japan.

See you around

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