The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 2

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She tried to take some deep breaths but the pain in her chest made her break it into smaller ones before she gave up and just yelled “I am awake” and the speaking died out quickly and some fast steeps followed before the kind voice of Jun Chen appeared. “How are you? Xiuying Chang” she tried to smile but pain form the breathing from before scared her face but she still replied “I am fine, but where are we?” Her had picked up the songs of birds who was normally living near the sea and even that the emperor’s palace was near the sea too, she had not heard them doing the time they were there and she knew they had been under attack so it would not be so quiet unless they were captured. The word capture filled her mind and a tear ran down her cheek and she continued her questions. “Are we…” The word was too hard for her to say even it was all over her mind but suddenly her hands were caught by some gentle hands and her mind started to calm before Jun Chen voice replied her. “No, we are safe… in the town of Tengxiang which is the home town of Yi Cheng, in his old home” Xiuying Chang knew something was wrong but she was too focused on that they were all safe now to worried about when it hit her, what about the emperor Jiang Chen. “What about Jiang Chen?” It flew out of her even she did not want to ask and in the same she could feel the gentle hand of Jun Chen squeeze her a bit hard. “Sorry didn’t meant to hurt you, Xiuying Chang, but my father stayed at the palace while we escaped and I fear the worst for him” Xiuying Chang could feel another tear run down her cheek while her focus turned to Yi Cheng. “I am sorry too… why are you so quiet Yi Cheng?” She wanted to change subject to something more happy. Yi Cheng looked at the two before replied “Sorry I was thinking about what to do with you two as I cannot train both of you on the same time alone, so please excuse me now as I will run some earns in the town while you stay her and get better” She could hear his steps started to leaved the room before he continued “And you young man, start training with this sword while I am away” and in the next Xiuying Chang could hear a sword fly thought the air and that Jun Chen hands quickly disappeared from hers.

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