The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
“I hope to see you sweating when I get back and I will try to find something for you to get better faster together with some new bandages” Yi Chang said and he steps started to leave the room and fate in the birds singing. It left a awkward silence between Xiuying Chang and Jun Chen who was the first to break the silence “you heard him, I better getting started and you better rest” but before he could leave the room Xiuying Chang had grip his clothes with a shacking head she commanded him “I want to see the house first no matter how much pain” some not understandable words came from Jun Chen but Xiuying Chang raised her voice but kept it kind “Today, please” and before she could say more the sword clacked against the floor and two hands took her gentle in her right hand and shoulder to get her up. Xiuying Chang could feel the pain grow and she had to bite her lips hard which almost was bursting when she finally got on her two legs. “Thanks” she replied with a smile before she almost fell back to the bed if not for Jun Chen. In crazy set of movements they appeared to be doing something like dancing before standing close like two tulips in the wind. Xiuying Chang could feel how Jun Chen eyes watching her everywhere and the pain in her body disappeared. She wanted to return the favor by kissing him but before her lips could find him, they were meet by his and Xiuying Chang felt like she were flying but soon gravity took over and she landed back in the bed with Jun Chen with the pain building up making her scream. Jun Chen moved away from her as fast he could but the damage was done and the bandages started to get more and more red. “It hurts… IT HURTS…” Xiuying Chang screams loud before her mouth is covered by a gentle hand. “I am so sorry for the pain and the hand” Jun Chen whispers to her ear and his gentle voice calms her down but still her body is still full of pains. “Lay still and please don’t scream, I will check your injuries and do what I can but please don’t scream anymore” Xiuying Chang does her best to do as told but the fingers of Jun Chen on her skin started to build up the pain again and soon tears started to run down her checks. Jun Chen could see the pain in her eyes and at the tears making the floor wet while the blood made the bandages more and more red. He was focusing all his senses at her than he did not notice the man in the door watching them but quickly he felt the eyes. He pretended to be focused on her when his eyes search the floor for the sword. “Where is it? I need it now” he thought to himself while trying to focus on making his movements look natural so the watcher wouldn’t know about his search. Finally he got an eye on it but to his fear it was near a part of Xiuying Chang body which didn’t have any visible injuries so he knew to get it, he had to be fast but before he could think of a plan the watcher moved against them and in the next second he was kneeling at Xiuying Chang’s body with a knife in his left hand . The position didn’t give Jun Chen many seconds to act so he jumped at the man over the body of Xiuying Chang and by pure luck he did not hit her and was able to grasp the sword on the way. He held the sword against the throat of the stranger who had not had any chance to defend himself. “Calm down youngster, I am just here to help” a gentle dry voice spoke almost like Yi Chang but it wasn’t him. “Let go of the knife and I might let you leave this place alive” Jun Chen replied with the meanest voice he could as he did not take any chances. The stranger didn’t move a muscle “I am sent by Yi Chang, took take care of her” he replied with the still gentle and calm voice. Jun Chen was about to yell again but the old man continued “and it looks like you need some help too” Jun Chen got confused before he got a pain in the hand grasping the sword and with one eye he watched the blood dripping from the shaft and his hand as he had been so focused on defending Xiuying Chang that he hadn’t had time to notice he had hurt himself and was bleeding. “Now if you please, would you be kind to remove it” but before Jun Chen had a chance to react he was already on the ground with the old man “I see, what Yi Chang meant that you needed more training” then he removed the sword from Jun Chen hand and started to put on some kind of flowers before covering the bloody mix with some bandages. As he were done he removed himself from Jun Chen who quickly started checking the bandages before nodding at the stranger “I am sorry I doubted you, my lord? Friend of Yi Chang”

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