The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 4

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
The old man looked at him without answering but his eyes looked like he was laughing and then he just shock his head and focused on Xiuying Chang who was still laying quietly on the ground like nothing had happen. He took his knife from the floor and looked directly at Jun Chen and finally open his mouth “Please don’t attack me again as I am only going to make the bad blood leave her body so her pain will disappear” he held a break and started cutting different places on Xiuying Chang’s body while Jun Chen watched like it a falcon. “You can help” the man said without losing focus from Xiuying Chang and Jun Chen decided that it was more important to let Xiuying Chang be free of her pain than doubt the old man any longer so he walked over to and was about to use his own knife but just as he was about to cut, the man took a hard grip in him. “Sorry, not that knife, please use this one instead” and he were handed a knife exactly like the one, the man was used. “You can find the bad blood by the black marks under the wounds” Jun Chen was about to say to the old man that he was a foul as all the time he had been injured he had yet to see any black marks under near them and he had not seen any on Xiuying Chang doing his search just before but as he looked again he could see lots of tiny black marks around the wounds almost hidden by the bloody bandages. He started doing as the old man had told him and a silence fell over them and only the nearby birds made any sounds at all. Doing the cutting Jun Chen started to wonder who the old man was and why he had not introduced himself yet but guess his attack and focus on helping on Xiuying Chang had made him forgot as he looked very old so Jun Chen decide he wanted to remove any bad connection between them and looked up form Xiuying Chang and brook the silence “I am crown prince Jun Chen and… “ he wanted to know the name of the stranger but the stranger broke in before he could ask the question “I know who you, the girl and everybody in this world is… Now see, she is all free of the black marks” Jun Chen quickly looked down on Xiuying Chang who had not said a word doing the entire session sense he had noticed the man and the man where right but he still wanted the name of the old man “Yes, you have done a great job so no more excuse and tell me your name” Jun Chen could feel the anger grow in him as each word had left his mouth. Suddenly with a quick movement the old man stood up like he had been standing there all the time and before Jun Chen could react the old man had a firm grip around his arms making him unable to move and replied “You don’t need my name” and in the next Jun Chen were on the ground next to Xiuying Chang who had started crying again and when he turned around to look after the old man he was gone. “Come back” he yelled and pulled himself and his sword up form the ground next Xiuying Chang and was about to run after but noticed that the bandage on his hand was gone together with the cutting which confused him even more. Suddenly he felt something at his left food and was about to strike down but managed to behave himself when he noticed that it was Xiuying Chang’s hand. “Are you okay, Jun Chen?” A wet voice from Xiuying Chang asked and as he looked down he noticed that the red bandages he had watched after falling down with her where all white as new snow. He tried to get a hold on himself and managed to stutter “Did… you… not hear or feel the old man?” The hand on his leg took a harder grip in his leg while a now scared voice replied “What man? I have been laying still like you told me to since you feel over me just before… wait a minute” the scared voice turned into confused as last words left her mouth before she started again “I don’t feel any pain anymore” Jun Chen sat down on his knees and started to look at near her bandages but the black marks had disappeared which made look even closer and as he touched the bandages it almost opened up like a flower. “Why are you not out training and getting sweat on your forehead as I told you” Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang both almost jumped at the commanding voice form Yi Chang.

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