The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 5

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Jun Chen tried to decide if he should tell Yi Chang about the man only he had seen and felt while he had been away. “Sorry, Yi Chang, I will go training now” but as he looked out the window, he could see the sun was going down in the sea. “It’s too late for that now, and you didn’t answer my question, maybe you are too focused on what had happened the last days” the word days gave a set in Xiuying Chang who had been listening to the conversation “how long have I been out before waking up earlier?” It flew out of her without caring about anything. Yi Chang got surprised as he expected her to be fast asleep again but took himself together and then answered “you have only missed the day riding from the palace to your new home, here in Tengxiang” Xiuying Chang could feel the peace come over her again. The question had given time to Jun Chen to think about the event which had happened or he thought had happened and decided he wanted to tell Yi Chang. “Grandmaster, can I have a word with you in private” Yi Chang looked at him weird as they had been using names all the time so far so why suddenly the title so he just nodded before putting down the dinner for the day, Chicken breasts with yellow rice and green onions. They walked outside the house and left Xiuying Chang alone. “So?” Yi Chang voice almost commanded replied as they where alone. “Sorry, grandmaster that I wasn’t out training as you expected me to be… I won’t let you down again” while he started to look around for a good place to make the fire for cooking the dinner. Yi Chang looked at him with serious eyes before replying just as serious “no matter what happened today, I want to know it all” before he noticed how serious he had sounded and decided to make up to it “sorry I am just a bit tired from searching for someone to help us and it is fine that you haven’t been training today but I need you to be ready for the time when you need the power, so please tell me what happened” Jun Chen could feel the event in his mind pressing on his tongue but didn’t know where to start so the words almost flew out of his mouth in randomly order “random man, healing powers, only me, fighting” he managed to say before Yi Chang held a hand on his head without saying anything but it relaxed Jun Chen who could now find the words. “I am not sure if I was dreaming or what but Xiuying Chang wanted to stand up after you had leaved us and I tried to make her stand up and all went fine until we suddenly fell to the ground and I landed on top of her…” he looked at Yi Chang who just nodded him to continue “of course with all her injuries she started screaming and I tried to make her feel better again when suddenly a old man like you appeared with a knife and we had a fight which ended with him winning and I cut myself with my sword in the attempt to defend Xiuying Chang…” his voice had broken as he started to worry what would had happened if the old man hadn’t been helping them but attacked them instead “it is all right, show me where you cut yourself” Jun Chen looked at him with more worrying eyes before answering “I am not lying but the injury is already gone as he cured it… but let me continue the story as there is something more” Yi Chang sent him a weird look but nodded to let him continue “After our fight, he used a knife to clean Xiuying Chang of “bad blood” as he called it and he searched her body for black marks and I helped him and afterwards he were suddenly gone like he had never been there and then soon after you appeared” Yi Chang looked at him and nodded before replied “Thank you for the story and I have no doubt that it is true, but now let’s us go get Xiuying Chang so we can all eat” he was about to go to the door when she suddenly stood there. “I am sorry to listen to the story but I was hungry” Jun Chen went over to guide her the last steps outside as there was not much she could follow. They eat in silence and when they were done, they watched the stars at the sky turn from one to many. Yi Chang was the first to break the silence “I see no point in finding myself a helper tomorrow after you have been healed in someway so instead I will start your trainings… Jun Chen I will train you to become a good emperor like your father and a fearsome warrior while you Xiuying Chang will be trained into become a good wife even you are blind, with that said I want you to forget what you have learned about sword fighting” Xiuying Chang was a bit sad for not being able to train her fighting styles anymore but decided now was not the time to argue about it so she just nodded before she stood up before finding her way to bed. “I will go to bed now, good night” she said with a kind voice trying hide her bad mood and didn’t take the hands of Jun Chen who had raised himself up too to help her back to bed. She had almost just entered the opening to the house before she could hear Jun Chen also excuse himself and go to bed but she didn’t want to talk to him so she moved faster and entered her room quickly went under the blanket to sleep. In the meantime had Jun Chen went to his bed who because of no time to settle down was outside the house but he didn’t mind much because of the many stars and no clouds in sight. As Yi Chang was all alone, he looked around to make sure he were alone before he turned his face against the sky and spoke with gentle but certain words “I have seen it too, brothers but we cannot interfere with events here on earth so please brother Shuǐ don’t help us again” and then he made killed the fire before leaving the place and went to his hammock next to Jun Chen who already was sleeping.

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