The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 6

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

Xiuying Chang wakes up in her fine new bed and starts following the walls to the door before heading outside but even she have only been there once, she can feel something have changed. What is weird is that she can smell smoke but the fire place should be dead by now and no one else would be up by now. She walked around and the smoke got greater and greater. “Jun Chen, Yi Chang” she tried to call but her voice was gone which normally would have scared her but because of the past events, she knew it was probably just a bad dream so she decided to go back to bed. She turned around and walked against the door when a strange cold voice replied her “Xiuying Chang, Xiuying Chang” it started to repeat but she didn’t care but as she reach her bedroom and tried to lay on her bed she got a big shock. Someone was laying there already and as she started to figure out who it was she could feel it where a woman around her size with the same hair and bandages like her. She tried to push the body away when the voice suddenly changed from repeatedly saying her name to actually forming a sentences “you are not dreaming nor having nightmare, my little friend” the fear started to grow in her even she had agreed with herself that it was just a dream but the voice continued to get under her skin. “You are all alone here and you are going to died her” the voice said and it sounded like it came closer and closer for each word. She wanted to run away but as she didn’t know the surroundings left moveless and she tried to scream again but the voice was all gone. Suddenly hands started to touch her everywhere and it felt like flames touching her and she tried to scream again when a hand covered her mouth and ears but the voice was still there.

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