The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 7

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

“You will never leave this place alive…” Xiuying Chang could feel the fear started to grow inside her but she could not give up so she focused on the happiness she had before with her family especially her father who had already been there for her when she needed him. “Those happy moments in your life won’t save you from me because of who I am” Xiuying Chang tried to keep her thoughts happy but the voice had gotten under her skin and have started to fill up her body and the hands for her mouth and ears had been joined by many more. “Who are you?” She started to think over and over to force the voice to answer her question and then something happened she had never expected. The hands started to disappear form her body before she knew it only the hand on her was her mouth when the voice almost gentle replied a last time “You…” and suddenly it all was gone and as she blinked her eyes she were back in her bed and she could hear the others snoring outside. She tried to think it all though of what she just had experience or dreamt, she was not sure at all but her body had other ideas and before she knew it, she screamed loud and long. It gave a set in Jun Chen and Yi Chang who jumped out of their hammocks and ran so fast they could to Xiuying Chang and found her still screaming with tears running down her cheek and down on her blanket.

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