The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 8

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

They tried to make sense of by her screaming but nothing was too see on her body or anyone nearby except them. “Calm down” Yi Chang started with a calm relaxed voice and held her down “What is wrong? Please calm down” he continued and Xiuying Chang lowered her voice and soon stopped screaming. She wanted to answer him but before she could get the chance, her eyes closed and she were fast asleep. Yi Chang felt at her neck and nose before nodding “She is just asleep” as he could hear that Jun Chen wasn’t breading. Jun Chen started to breath heavy but soon back to normal. “Do you have any idea what was wrong with her?” He spoke as he had gotten the air back. Yi Chang thought for a minute before he replied dry “No, but guess you better sleep on the floor next to her to make sure we can help her faster next time” Jun Chen just nodded before running to his hammock to get his pillow and blanket before heading back fast. “Good, now let us sleep as tomorrow we have lots of plans like getting a proper training sword for you and getting a tomb stone made for Xiuying Chang”, “You expect her to die” Jun Chen broke in without thinking or let Yi Chang finish. Yi Chang smile “If you let me finish, then of course not, but I suspect that her nightmares is from her lose of her family which is hitting her hard because she have been so used to have them helping her with anything because her blindness… We will also get Red Spider Lily Incase they doesn’t have any to protect their graves around here.” Jun Chen looked like a question mark about the part with the flower “It is poisonous plants to scare the animals away… I know she doesn’t have any to bury but wants to help the rest of the town too” Jun Chen nodded before yawning “Good night” he tried to say while Yi Chang smile and replied “You too”

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