The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 9

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

The rest of the night nothing happen and soon the sun raised in east. Yi Chang was the first one awake and he started to make breakfast for the three of them, the smell of food quickly woke up Jun Chen while Xiuying Chang was still fast asleep. “Good morning” Jun Chen started and Yi Chang just looked at him and nodded back before he put some rice and some meat on a plate and handed him “Today I will leave the house with Xiuying Chang so please this time, you have no reason for getting started on your training” Jun Chen just nodded with his mouth full of food which made Yi Chang smile a bit. Jun Chen swallowed his food and replied “Are you sure that it is a good idea to walk around with her in the town with out any defense? When I have your sword” Yi Chang just nodded while eating a bit himself but he took a plate and filled it up “Here, go wake up Xiuying Chang and give her this, so she can get her strength back” Jun Chen putted his plate down and took the other before heading inside to Xiuying Chang who still was laying in her bed but she had been awake for a while and just listening to the sounds coming from everywhere. “Wake up, Wake up” but before Xiuying Chang could answer him, Yi Chang had also entered the room and ruined the kind morning “Sorry to break in like this but just forgot to say that you has to forget your real names” Jun Chen looked weird at him but Xiuying Chang knew why as her father had told her about spies and others who keep their names a secret. “It is to keep us a secret so no one knows that you are the crown prince and even I am not so much important in this world then it is best we keep us secret” she broke in without thinking about saying good morning or anything “That is right” Yi Chang replied and continued “So from now on we will only use our first names but because your named Xiuying is a bit unique in this area you will be named Xiu” A tear ran down her check but she nodded and quickly removed it before changing focus to the lovely smell of food “When can I get allowed to eat” she replied with a teasing voice and Jun Chen who had focused on the conversation quickly turned against her with the plate in his hand so he almost dropped it on her but even that she were blind she still had some quick movements and catches the plate before it was going to make a mess. She started to eat like nothing had happen and Yi Chang smile to himself before replied “Eat quickly so we can get the day started” then pointed at the sword and Jun Chen, “Go training now” and Jun Chen quickly did what he was ordered and left the room quickly with the sword in his hand and soon the air was full of the sword singing as he started cutting the air into two. Xiuying Chang finished her without any words as she listened to the sound of the sword. As she was done she stood up before removing they unnecessarily bandages which still covered her body after all the weird events yesterday. “I am ready to go now, but may I ask where as you haven’t told me anything other than to eat fast” she asked, making Yi Chang laugh which made Xiuying Chang blossom a little as you thought it was her who had been stupid but it quickly disappeared as Yi Chang answered. “Sorry Xiu, I forgot that you was not awake when I told it to Jun. We are going to the stone mason who will make you are grave stone for our family but mostly yours and then we will also get some Lycoris Radiata which help keeping animals away from the remains even you don’t have any” Xiuying Chang found it weird that he said mostly her family but didn’t think much of it and just gave her hand to him and replied “Sounds like I need a guide if we are going so many place that I have never been, even in this house” Yi Chang took the hand with a hard but gentle grip and replied “sorry you have not been shown around but we will do that after our trip in the town” and then he took her out of some doors which sounded old and dry while the sword songs quickly disappeared and was replaced with people talking about everything. Yi Chang didn’t say much so Xiuying Chang didn’t felt the need to ruin the silence between them even she had started to wonder how long she have been at the town. Yi Chang walked a bit faster than she were use to her parents had been doing but before she could ask him to slow down, they had entered a door without much sounds and a hammering sounds was heard instead. “Mr. stone mason?” She could get hear Yi Chang said trying to break through the hammering which soon stopped “Hello, sorry I didn’t hear you entering but what do you want?” Xiuying Chang could feel Yi Chang loosed his hand from hers before answering “my granddaughter Xiu Chang have lost her parents and I want you to create a tombstone for them and even she is blind I will let you two take care of it while I will head out to get a new sword” Xiuying Chang wanted to make objections against it but before she got a chance to say anything, she could hear the door close and the voice of the stone mason ask her something. “I am sorry was in my own world, could you please repeat that?” She said without have the slightest clue about what he had said. “Sure, miss Xiu, I asked if you have any ideas of what you want the tombstone to look like?” Xiuying Chang started to think and it didn’t take long before a dragon jumped into her eyes and started dancing in front of her and even she had never seen anything in her life, she knew it was a dragon. “I want a dragon, if you are any good at making those?” The stone mason started laughing before he calm down and replied “I am sorry but of course I am good at that” and then she heard the hammering started and there were no more talk between them. In the meantime had Yi Chang found the blacksmith out side the town and soon had a training sword ready for Jun Chen. The blacksmith had made it sharp and light as he had requested so now he only needed to find some Lycoris Radiata for the graves. The hammering sounds from the blacksmith ended and he took a firm grip in the sword and made it fly though the air a few times before he bowed to the blacksmith “Thanks, it is truly the sword I ordered” the blacksmith didn’t reply and just held his hand out and Yi Chang dropped some golden coins in it before leaving with sword and soon was back between noisy people who filled the street. He went back to the stone mason and Xiuying Chang who was still busy making the tombstone. “Ohh, you are back already… I am sorry my lord but I don’t think I will get it done before tomorrow” Yi Chang smiled but still thought his mind about how long it could take to make a tombstone before he noticed it resembled a dragon and not just any dragon but the earth dragon leaving him speechless before Xiuying Chang gripped his hand. “Why did you leave me?” Asked Xiuying Chang and Yi Chang could feel that something was wrong and replied the mason, “it is fine” before he turned against Xiuying Chang and looked at her and noticed that her eyes were wet. “Have you been crying, Xiu?” Xiuying Chang could answer before she started to shake all her body. The mason broke in “She told me about her parents and started crying quickly because of that” Yi Chang could feel the lie in the voice and pulled the training sword from it’s sheath and pointed it directly at the mason, who quickly looked around and took his biggest hammer. “What did you do?” Yi Chang yelled so loud that people outside the shop stopped everything to hear what was happening. As the mason didn’t answer Yi Chang got even more angry and yelled even louder “I asked, what did you do?” The yelling made Xiuying Chang cry again before single words started to come in bursts “he… he.. he” she tell but the tears and everything made it hard for her to say it. “What did he do?” Yi Chang tried to say gentle but he was still to angry at the mason to sound kind. “He touched… me on my breasts” she finally managed to say before her tears ran even faster but before the first one could reach the end of her check the mason had already replied loud “She is lying” but Yi Chang knew it was the truth he pointed the sword against him and with an furious voice replied “I don’t believe you… but because I don’t have time to fix this mess, I will let you get away with it” Xiuying Chang could feel the confusing growing in her head as why would he let the man touch her but in the same the mason replied “I don’t care about your time” and in the next she could her the heavy hammer flying to the air. Clack it said as the two weapons hit each other but no of them broke and Xiuying Chang expected a new clack but instead scream was heard “You crazy old man, you cut me” which was quickly followed by Yi Chang “Yes, now stop and make the tombstone finished for free” The mason lower his hammer but was far form done “No, I am not making you any stone at all, no matter what you or that crazy woman says” he replied but the hammer still didn’t move in attack mode again. “If you not do it, I will bring someone who make it the last thing you ever do” Yi Chang yelled again and turned away form the man and started to walk against the door but before he had taken a step, two soldier had entered the room. “What is going on here” they yelled to make sure all heard them before noticing who the old man was and quickly continued “I am sorry Master Yi Chang, we are sorry for yelling at you” Yi Chang took Xiuying Chang and held her against him and replied with a gentle voice “It is fine, as long you make that man disappear” The mason was speechless as he had learned who he had been up against but the gone voice soon returned with sadness in his voice “I am sorry for what I did, I don’t deserve to be in front of you at all” which Yi Chang could feel was the truth and even he felt he had to protect Xiuying Chang, he also felt that he had to save the man and thought for a moment before replying “if my granddaughter allows me, I will forgive your actions in return for the tombstone” at first Xiuying Chang felt weird about it but the warmth of Yi Chang made her know, it was the right thing to do. “I forgive you too, but if it ever happens to me or another woman again I won’t save you” The soldiers looked at each other as they were used to be in charge of what to happen but the way the two parties had fixed the problem themselves left them thinking for a while before talking almost silence to each other before nodding. “We allow this punishment if you promise, you won’t do it again and if you do then I do not want to be in your shoes” the words have only just left the mouth of the soldier before the mason replied “I am sorry for all and I promise on my heart” then he walked back to the dragon to start completing it while the others left the shop. Outside the shop the soldiers decided it was best to keep the town unaware of what had happened and left Yi Chang and Xiuying Chang alone at the street. They started to walk down the street to their home in silence but just as they were about to enter the gate broke Yi Chang the silence “I am sorry for the event that happen today Xiuying Chang… I nearby give you my word that I will never leave your side again and if I do I will make sure you are around friends” Yi Chang did not know what to reply but smile for the first time since the events and tighten her grip in Yi Chang as they walked into opening at the house where Jun Chen still was training hard.

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