Book 1 – The Blind Girl

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

What? (Short version)
The story about a blind girl who have lost her family except her grandfather to the emperor’s evil brother kids who wants the power of the country. She meets her grandfather as she escapes from the kids after they have attack her home town. She meets the crown prince and falls in love instantly but is not allowed while she have to escape the palace with him and her grandfather. The crown prince falls in love with another girl that he meets in the town they are hiding without knowing that she is the youngest of the three kids. The girl get jealous but cannot do anything about so starts training her fighting skills in memory of her father. Suddenly they gets letters about surrendering or the emperor will be kill which makes them try to save him but when they get there the girl is there too and both of them is ready for execution and they try saving both but the emperor gets killed together with the grandfather. Because of their lost they falls in love again and they are back to normal when they travel back to the emperor’s palace to finish the war once and for all. The girl follows as she claims to know an easy way to the place but as they get to the palace she attacks them and reveal herself as the second sibling. The crown prince is not in mood to fight girls so is hurt but the blind girl steps in and fights for him. She wins but gets injuries but together they enters the palace and fights against the last one and is it a crazy fight and suddenly a yellow dragon appears and defends them while they makes a run for it because the new emperor is too powerful. Before the dragon is corrupted by evil sends them away. The story is told to a girl in our time

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – The Girl

Introduction of a girl in present times who does not want to sleep as her father want her to but she gives in when she is told there will be bedtime story. The story is the novel

Chapter 2 – Bloody Meeting

The story starts in a small town named Ikchon on The Xions Island where a blind girl named Xiuying Chang is living with her family who is made of her father, the general of the north and her mother a old concubine of the emperor. The father is out training with the army so there is no men in the town so Xiuying Chang is out training alone with a sword she has found. She is quiet good for a blind person. The father is attacked by an old enemy, the emperor’s evil brother who wants revenge after the lost of his wife and mother of three kids. The father wins over the brother in a one against one fight but the kids wants the power from their father and kills them both. Xiuying Chang is also closed to getting killed when they attack the town but she manage to escape on a horse while leaving her mother behind even she does not want to leave her. Bad weather with thunder and lightning scares the horse and they hit a branch inside a forrest. The horse is killed while she is hurt badly and is only saved by an old man before she faints.

Chapter 3 – The Old Man

The old man is her father’s father and former grandmaster Huang Wang plus the emperor’s best friend. He was on the way to visit them but because of her injuries and story, they travels back to the emperor’s palace. They are ambushed and even that Xiuying Chang is hurt badly her rage for a her lost family she manage to kill a few at the surprised of the old man. They travel to the palace while the three evil siblings decides their plans.

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace

They get to the emperor’s palace but is not allowed in at first because the old man have been away so long but Xiuying Chang want to show her medallion with the yellow dragon on and they are allow in but because of her injuries she falls of the old man’s horse and makes the crown prince Jun Chen falls of his horse too and land above her which makes her fall in love with him instantly even she can only sense him before she faint again. At evening she wake up very hungry and gets some food while talking to the crown prince and the emperor who is sad for the lose of her family. Suddenly the palace is attacked by the evil force and the emperor takes no chance so he demands that the three of them needs to escape the palace. They escape the town and ride to Tengxiang as they are not known there.

Chapter 5 – An New Home

They makes themselves as home there and all is good. They start training and learning things which are expected of them while their love grows. Xiuying Chang is having nightmares about her family which ruins her sleep and healing so she and the old man goes to get an golden dragon sculpture made so she can pray in the local temple for her family just as the old man does for his lost of his wife years ago. The dreams gets better.

Chapter 6 – White Lotus

The love between the crown prince and Xiuying Chang is going great and they have found a secret place behind a waterfall they can be alone without anybody. One day they show their love too much and the old man demands them to stop being in love because they are too different and needs to focus on the country instead.

Chapter 7 – Focus

They starts focusing on their trainings and all is going good but Xiuying Chang is confused as what can she do in the world. But she knows she wants revenge on her parents so she starts training alone in the night instead of spending time with crown prince now that they are not allowed to meet again. At the evils they are just attacking town after town trying to find out where the crown prince is as he is the last they need to kill except for the captured emperor

Chapter 8 – New Flame

Xiuying Chang and the crown prince have drifted away from each which leaves the crown prince out in the open where he falls in love with a new girl in the town which is very beautiful and not blind like Xiuying Chang who of course gets jealous and gets even more annoyed with the old man allows the love because she cannot see the difference. What no one knows is that the girl is one of the three kids and she does not know she have just found the crown prince.

Chapter 9 – Letters From Home

The old man starts getting letters form the emperor about his capture and so on which at first makes the old man burn them as he takes them as fake but soon a letter arrives which shows to be real and the crown prince demands they makes a plan to save his father from the evil people and the girl he likes agrees as she finds out who they are. At first the old man does not want to but after a few days he gives in.

Chapter 10 – Nightmares

The night before they will go back to save the emperor, Xiuying Chang is having nightmares about her family and dead again before the chapters ends she is awake by the crown prince because he can smell smoke.

Chapter 11 – Lost Souls

The old man, crown prince and hero starts their ride in a foggy morning with smoke smell and they decide to follow the smog and find the town burning with people screaming like the dream Xiuying Chang had doing the night and they finds a note saying that they need to meet at the city centre as they will be a public execution of the emperor and a maid. They rush to the centre where they find the emperor still alive and the maid is the girl that the crown prince loves. She is there because the two brother believes she is with them because she did not send notes back in the period. They attack and try save the emperor but he and the old man is both killed by the brother which the crown prince gets killed as revenge. The crown prince feels that his love for Xiuying Chang returns as he now does not have any rules against him

Chapter 12 – The New Plan

The three of them makes a plan as the girl pretends she is the maid as the sign said and that she knows a easy way into the palace which the crown prince does not know about as it been awhile since he been there. He decides to go there with her and ask Xiuying Chang to stay back here because he does not want to lose her but she want revenge for her loses too so she cannot stop now. But first they burry the old man and emperor

Chapter 13 – Hand In Hand

The three of them starts their travel there and doing the trip the evil girl makes them pissed at each other so as they get to the palace they spilt or rather the girl cuts Xiuying Chang so she cannot walk and because she is blind, she does not notice that it was the evil girl. The crown prince and evil girl takes care of her before they start sneaking into the palace.

Chapter 14 – Never Alone

Back at Xiuying Chang she thinks back on her family and suddenly she gets a vision showing her that it was the evil girl who tried to kill her and she knows that she has to get back to the crown prince before it is too late. When she gets the the evil girl is fighting against the crown prince who is having a hard time fighting back because he does not want to fight girls and he is too surprised. Xiuying Chang takes over and wins even the injuries. The crown prince and Xiuying Chang is so in love now and wants to kill the last evil one and reclaim the power.

Chapter 15 – Last Blood

They enters the palace and fight the way to the centre of the place where the last evil is waiting for them and the fight goes like crazy and the two tries to win against the last one but he is too strong. When the evil brother attacks Xiuying Chang and ruins her family medallion an yellow dragon appears and joins the fight against the evil one but he is still too strong so the dragon sends Xiuying Chang and the crown prince away while telling about the swords of the gods before getting absorbed by the evil one who now have even more power.

Chapter 16 – Back home

The girl in our time is asleep while the countdown to the new year is starting. The father smiles and whispers that he will tell the story many times form now on together with the next one once she grows older.