Book 2 – The Sword of The Gods

Book 2 – The Sword of The Gods Cover

What? (Short version)

The story about the blind girl continues as she and the crown price is living in secret when one day she discovers the sword of the gods as the country is ruled by the evil emperor and his four new evil generals who is all secretly the four dragons of the elements while him being “Yellow Dragon” which has been corrupted by evil and the sword will clean them from evil when they are battled and won over. So the blind girl needs to learn how to use the sword even she is blind because the gods have picked her to be the saviour. They disappears in the end. The story is told to a girl in our time

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – A new story

Introduction of the girl in present being older and being told a new story.

Chapter 2 – Hide and seek

Introduction of how the world is now and how hero and crown prince is living

Chapter 3 – Dream or nightmare

Hero starts getting dreams about a sword and the five challenges she has to complete.

Chapter 4 – Sword of the gods

Hero and Crown Prince finds the sword of the gods and start training again

Chapter 5 – Secret powers

Hero finds out that she has the powers to control the sword so even she is blind she has to learn how to use the sword which makes the crown prince a bit jealous

Chapter 6 – Entering the tear

The first challenge is against the water dragon and he has done something to their water making the heroine poisoned and more evil even she does not know it herself. One night she dreams of a cold place with snow and ice water on all sides and after talking about it when the prince they finds the place and the general of the north who is controlling the water dragon and the fight goes well but as the fight is won, hero faints and have nightmares about her family getting killed, blaming her and all kind of things. But they still get the water dragon free so they can continue their trip.

Chapter 7 – Entering the flames

One night the hero dreams about a town in flames and they talks about it means the head in the south where they came from and rightly at the town they finds the second general. General of the South is a bigger challenge that the first general as he is controlled by the fire dragon but hero wins while evil grown hidden inside the sword because of the heat and slowly hero and crown prince starts arguing more

Chapter 8 – Focus and training

The last fight was a bit close so they decide to train some more to make sure they are all good but doing the training the girl hits the hero with the sword and they get more angry at each other but makes peace for the time as they know they need to focus on the quest

Chapter 9 – Entering the sword

One night hero dreams about the sword turning evil because of the metal dragon and decides that her training has to stop for a while and then they goes on a trip to the west where the General of the West is waiting for them. Just as in the dream the sword gets evil but hero manage to win anyway and they get the metal dragon on their side

Chapter 10 – Entering the forest

One night hero has a dream about a big forrest where the next and last challenge is waiting and the only big forest they can think of is the one near her home town. she and the crown prince travels there to fight the General of the East which is controlling the evil version of wood dragon. Of course they win and gets the power of the Azure Dragon on their side. Crown prince gets more jealous and annoyed on her while he believes she will take the power herself as now they have beaten all the four dragons and he have not got any power and she sounds more and more annoyed when they talk

Chapter 11 – Betrayal

Hero wakes up next to a fire place the crown prince has made but the poison and the evil of the sword has changed her and she captures him easily as even he was jealous and so on, he just thought it was him and she starts transporting him to the evil brother who controls the yellow dragon. While the crown prince tries to make her on his side again.

Chapter 12 – Return of an hero

Hero is returning to the emperor palace where he is glad to see her with the sword full of dragons spirits and even more happy to see the crown prince being capture as now he has the power over the country. When he wants the sword form hero she won’t give him it so he decides that she can keep it and become his general if she proves her worth in a fight against the crown prince which the hero of course wants because she is evil now.

Chapter 13 – Love versus hate

The emperor is not all sure that his new general is all on his side so he decides that the execution of the last good will be a fight between the hero and the crown prince. They start fighting and the crown prince feels he knew this would happen like his mind has told him doing their quest but doing the fight which is very hard for him her finds out that the sword and poison is the one making her evil and tries to get hero back on track by throwing random leafs she eats by mistake but only manage to make her faint which makes the emperor try to kill him with lots of soldiers but because he is the only good light left the sword transforms allows him to control it which makes the soldiers and emperor on the run.

Chapter 14 – United we stand

Hero wakes up after the defending is over and she is back to her good self after the fight against the crown prince and now they are attacking the palace to get back at the evil emperor and return all to the good side again

Chapter 15 – Final Fight

Hero and crown prince is fighting their best against the evil emperor and the yellow dragon but they are not strong enough as they worry that if they use the sword again, hero will become evil again but they have no choice of using it so they start using it and together with the four dragons they get the change to free the yellow dragon. The yellow dragon is free and the powers of the five dragons is enough and they beat the evil emperor and she and the sword is cured of their problems.

Chapter 16 – What happened after?

The girl in present time was pleased by the story that she wants to hear more stories about the hero and crown prince as she believes it is just stories that her father has made up but he says that there is no more stories about them as they disappeared after the last fight. The girl is a bit sad but decides to sleep while the father go to bed too, but instead goes to his room where a sword is hanging and whispers that now I have told the stories about you