Book Collection + Wish list

Name Writer Year Status
1984 George Orwell 1949 W
1Q84 – Book 1 Haruki Murakami 2009 W
1Q84 – Book 2 Haruki Murakami 2009 W
1Q84 – Book 3 Haruki Murakami 2010 W
A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin 1998 W
A Dance with Dragons George R. R. Martin 2011 W
A Dream of Spring George R. R. Martin XXXX W
A Dream of Spring George R. R. Martin XXXX W
A Feast for Crows George R. R. Martin 2005 W
A Fighting Man of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1931 B
A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin 1996 W
A Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne 1864 B
A Princess of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1912 B
A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin 2000 W
A War of Gifts Orson Scott Card 2007 W
Allegiant Veronica Roth 2013 B
Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie 2013 B
Ancillary Mercy Ann Leckie 2015 B
Ancillary Sword Ann Leckie 2014 B
And Another Thing… Douglas Adams 2009 W
Armada Ernest Cline 2015 B
Axis Robert Charles Wilson 2007 W
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 L. Ron Hubbard 1982 B
Blindsight Peter Watts 2006 W
Blood of Gods Conn Iggulden 2013 W
Bones of the Hills Conn Iggulden 2008 W
Brave New World Aldous Huxley 1932 W
Burning Land Bernard Cornwell 2009 W
Bypass Gemini (Big Sigma #1) Joseph Lallo 2011 B
Chapterhouse: Dune Frank Herbert 1985 W
Chessmen of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1922 B
Children of Dune Frank Herbert 1976 W
Children of the Mind Orson Scott Card 1996 W
Conqueror Conn Iggulden 2011 W
Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas 1845 B
Dark Matter Blake Crouch 2016 W
Death of Kings Bernard Cornwell 2011 W
Death of Kings Conn Iggulden 2004 W
Divergent Veronica Roth 2011 B
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick 1968 W
Dracula Bram Stoker 1897 B
Dune Frank Herbert 1965 B
Dune Messiah Frank Herbert 1969 W
Earth Afire Orson Scott Card 2013 W
Earth Awakens Orson Scott Card 2014 W
Earth Unaware Orson Scott Card 2012 W
Echopraxia Peter Watts 2014 W
Empire of Silver Conn Iggulden 2010 W
Empty Throne Bernard Cornwell 2014 W
Encounter with Tiber Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes 1996 W
Ender in Exile Orson Scott Card 2008 W
Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card 1985 B
Ender’s Shadow Orson Scott Card 1999 W
Enemy of God Bernard Cornwell 1996 B
Excalibur Bernard Cornwell 1997 B
Field of Swords Conn Iggulden 2004 W
First Blood David Morrell 1972 W
Flame Bearer Bernard Cornwell XXXX W
Fleet School Orson Scott Card XXXX W
Four: A Divergent Collection Veronica Roth 2014 B
Gai-Jin James Clavell 1993 B
Gates of Rome Conn Iggulden 2003 W
Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 2000 W
Giver Lois Lowry 1993 W
God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert 1981 W
Gods of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1914 B
Gods of War Conn Iggulden 2005 W
Golden Son Pierce Brown 2015 B
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J. K. Rowling 1998 B
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child J. K. Rowling 2016 B
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling 2007 B
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling 2000 B
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J. K. Rowling 2005 B
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J. K. Rowling 2003 B
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J. K. Rowling 1997 B
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling 1999 B
Heretics of Dune Frank Herbert 1984 W
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams 1979 B
Hive Orson Scott Card XXXX W
Hunters of Dune Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson 2006 W
In the Year 2889 Jules Verne 2006 B
Insurgent Veronica Roth 2012 B
Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott 1820 B
John Carter of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1964 B
Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling 1894 B
King Rat James Clavell 1962 B
Last Kingdom Bernard Cornwell 2004 W
Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper 1826 B
Life, the Universe and Everything Douglas Adams 1982 B
Llana of Gathol Edgar Rice Burroughs 1948 B
Lords of the Bow Conn Iggulden 2008 W
Lords of the North Bernard Cornwell 2006 W
Lost World Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1912 B
Man in the High Castle Philip K. Dick 1962 B
Martian Andy Weir 2011 W
Master Mind of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1928 B
Messenger Lois Lowry 2004 W
Minority Report Philip K. Dick 1956 B
Morning Star Pierce Brown 2016 B
Mostly Harmless Douglas Adams 1992 B
Neverending Story Michael Ende 1979 B
Noble House James Clavell 1981 B
Odyssey Homer 800 B
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens 1838 B
Pagan Lord Bernard Cornwell 2013 W
Pale Horseman Bernard Cornwell 2005 W
Parabolis Eddie Han 2013 B
Peter and Wendy J. M. Barrie 1911 B
Phoenix Conspiracy (The Phoenix Conspiracy #1) Richard L. Sanders 2011 B
Postman David Brin 1985 B
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen 1813 B
Queens Orson Scott Card XXXX W
Ready Player One Ernest Cline 2011 B
Red Rising Pierce Brown 2014 B
Restaurant at the End of the Universe Douglas Adams 1980 B
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe 1719 B
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare 1567 B
Sandworms of Dune Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson 2007 W
Shadow of the Giant Orson Scott Card 2005 W
Shadow of the Hegemon Orson Scott Card 2001 W
Shadow Puppets Orson Scott Card 2002 W
Shadows Alive Orson Scott Card XXXX W
Shadows in Flight Orson Scott Card 2012 W
Shōgun James Clavell 1975 B
Sleeping Giants – Themis Files Book 1 Sylvain Neuvel 2016 W
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams 1984 B
Son Lois Lowry 2012 W
Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card 1986 W
Spin Robert Charles Wilson 2005 W
Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein 1959 B
Swarm Orson Scott Card 2016 W
Sword Song Bernard Cornwell 2007 W
Swords of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1936 B
Synthetic Men of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1940 B
Tai-Pan James Clavell 1966 B
Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas 1998 B
Thuvia Maid of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1920 B
Time Machine H. G. Wells 1895 B
Vortex Robert Charles Wilson 2011 W
Waking Gods – Themis Files Book 2 Sylvain Neuvel 2017 W
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy 1899 B
War of the Worlds H.G. Wells 1898 B
Warlord of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1918 B
Warriors of the Storm Bernard Cornwell 2015 W
Whirlwind James Clavell 1986 B
Winds of Winter George R. R. Martin XXXX W
Winter King Bernard Cornwell 1995 B
Wolf of the Plains Conn Iggulden 2007 W
Xenocide Orson Scott Card 1991 W
B = Brought W = Wish

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