Welcome to Donations

Hello, this is my donation page and even I first got the idea 18th of August 2017 I have already donated before. I have helped people in different ways over time from donating to organisations or used apps and service which helps people in return for certain things like points in the app or see ads in the search bar. Below you can see the apps and services I use at the moment to help more people so go ahead and use them or donate to me on my Paypal link below them to send me money then I will donated it some random place the 1st in every month. No matter how much you guys send me, I will add 100ddk (around 16.05usd) plus those things I give already though the apps and services.



Donations List
Send me money on this link or PayPal icon on my mainpage.
October 2017: Red Cross Denmark = 16usd (only me)
November 2017: Amnesty International = 20usd (only me)
December 2017: ?????