Four Dragons


Normal Times




Adventure, Fighting, Love, Clones


The story is about a world fighting tournament with various fighting styles where 4 guys falls in love with a daughter of the man who arrange it and each of them tries to win her heart by winning the tournament but she falls in love with the guy who lose the final because the other guy is evil. The father of the daughter is secretly trying to make a clone army of the world strongest so he make some clones of the evil guy that won who wants to use it to the destroy the guy who took her girl. 3 months later the guy and daughter is living happy without knowing about the cloning. Then they get attacked by the clones of the evil guy, the good guy beats most of them but the clones takes the daughter and brings her to the evil guy. The good guy beats his way to the place she is but need to fight the real evil guy before he can escape with her. But in the meantime have the evil father made a clone of the good guy so when the “real” good guy is releasing the girl after beating the evil guy and destroyed the cloning machines he have to fight the clone and convinces the daughter that he is the real and not the other. The fight starts and the daughter tries to find out who the real is and who is not. Finally she finds a mistake on the evil one (she thinks) and is about to shoot him but then the guy is the real so he stops her and the other guy is drawing a knife and is about to cut the throat on the real guy who kiss the girl to make her sure that he is the real one. He gets the gun and shoots the evil guy. The father sees his plan stopped and the real guy take care of him until the cops are coming to bring him in jail.

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