Ghost Feelings


Normal Times


Not sure


Love, Ghosts, Feelings, Human


The story begins with that a woman is moving inside an old apartment complex where people are complaining about the sounds coming form the room and they say it is hunted by ghosts but she do not believe in ghosts and beside she does not have enough money to find another place. She starts living a normal life there until one day when a black cat cross her way in the hallway of the complex and an old woman tells her the story about the ghosts and the murders that happen in the complex some time ago. Somehow that triggers the 2 ghosts out from there hiding places and weird things start happens in the apartment and the woman gets scared but one day the guy of the ghost starts get the feeling of love for her since the female ghost is always after him so he slowly tries to help the live woman instead without the female notices. One day she notice and because she knows that the woman cannot hear or see the guy she tells him the plan of killing her so they can be alone in the apartment again and then it starts a race between the 2 of them where she try to harm and he protects while trying to tell the woman the find a book to make him alive again because he loves her. In the beginning she does not believe him but slowly she notice that many of the resent attempts have been trying to kill her but something have helped her and she find the book and all lot of stuff happens but in the end they sit on the rooftop together in the morning sun

See you around