Hell child


Present time


Any place is good so not decided yet




The story is about a young man who always have know he was special as even he looked normal and maybe weird compared to other children, he had never been teased or made fun of. Instead he was living a mostly normal life as one of the weird things about him was he had nightmares every night even his parents and friends did everything they could but still he had them and they made no sense then one day when it was time to take school photos he started to feel weird. After the picture he felt like something of him was missing and suddenly his friends started to tease and made fun of him which fast broke down his world and he tried to get home but his parents had changed too so he took what he could form his room and then ran away form it all but no matter where he came he was always made fun of so he started to do more and more evil things like robbery and so on until one day he got the school picture without knowing why and as he started to look at them the world around him started to shake and suddenly he was back home in his bed like he just woke up from a bad dream but it was no dream as someway he was back at the day with the school picture while no one could remember all the evil he talked about and said it might have been one of his bad dreams. The same thing happened but this time a beautiful girl waiting for him in his bedroom when he was getting there to pack his stuff and told him that she was an angel who had broken several rules to try to reset time and prevent the event from happening but the man did not believe her so he started to do what he did before while the angel tried to stop him by being the only one kind against him and slowly he stopped doing the things. The angel told him that the reason why he was because the devil wanted to make him unfit and not worthy of God plan so he could conquer the earth simple but before they could start getting ready for it a new letter with school photos arrived and not knowing think much about it he reset the time again only this time the angel had forgotten anything about her mission but her kindess have made him love her so his feelings awaken her memories and they started to prepare for the battle which the devil of cause did not want so he tried to stop them in several ways but they didn’t bite on it and continued on there training while falling more and more in love which the devil made get the idea of make another hot girl kiss the male but instead of helping she ended up joining the angel and young man against him. Soon the nightmares started to make sense as it was the battle of him and the devil. Some more things happens before the battle but cannot think more.

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