Hero of the Past 1


Twisted Times


Not sure


Adventure, Good vs Evil, Timetravel, lots of killing


The story is about a baby gets born in the future by an rebel who is against the corrupt empire and the baby is living the normal life around in the streets until one day the baby is sent back in time by accident when the lab where the baby lives is attacked by the empire and destroy the machine right as the baby is inside one of the transporters but know knew it work as they was only testing it. The baby is the sent back to ancient China where he is found in the woods by some of the locals who quickly hides the high-teck stuff there are on the baby and starts taking care of the baby like it was their own as they was so unlucky not to be able to have kids. They are taking good care of the baby but they quickly finds out that the kid is different form other kids since he soon starts drawing stuff in the sand that they never had seen before but the father try his best to learn him how to use a sword and how to fight as it is not a peaceful place he has landed because it is under rule by the grand grand grand father of the rule in the future and he is just as evil. So secretly the kid is being trained to become an assassin who shall kill the emperor and that plans is going just fine until one day where the kid walks up the the step father and ask who he is because he has so many weird dreams that he cannot explain making the father try to speak him away form it but gives up and walks together with the step mom to the place they found him and there he finds the high tech stuff form his dreams and he use it to make a shield and then he leaves he step parents to go on a quest to kill the emperor. (lots of fighting and killing of others before the emperor) and after all that he comes back to the step parents saying that he has been the greatest parents ever but now he want to learn his real parents in the future so turns the shield into an portal as he remembers the time and then he leaves them in a sad way.

See you around