Hero of the Past 2


Twisted Times


Not Sure


Adventure, Good vs Evil, Timetravel, lots of killing


The story starts where the other ends where he finds himself in the lab just after the attack that sent him back to the past and there is just dead people anywhere and he start looking for survives and finds a dyeing man in the corner of all the mess who is talking in wildness about a baby. The hero knows it is him who is being talked about so he tells that he is the whole story and that he is the baby making the man smile while telling that he knew the time machine was working before it was destroyed and then he dies after telling that he is the father of the baby and that the mother is taken taken prisoner by some lord under the ruler. That means the killing is starting again but the ruler is more secure this time as he have heard the story about his grand grand grand father was killed so he knows there might be a connection but he had hoped the baby would stay in the past. The hero is fighting to his way to the lord who has his mother to find out she is death already but the following battle is hard on him and with no other places to go he goes back to his step parents in the past to make his wounds heal. They take good against him and everything is fine, one day the daughter of the house next door and it is love as first site and they start to have fun together while he is healing and soon after sometime they are out of the town and the hero forgets the future for a while since he is having so much fun but the future have not forgot him and one day when the lovers are out of town the future against the town and burns in to the ground and kills anyone making the hero use his sword to kill again to revenge them all. He takes the woman with her to the future to be able to protect her and then together they fight the way to the ruler of the future to end the tyranny of the past and the future for good.

See you around