Kid of Enemies


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Angels, Love


The story is about a angel who lives in the high heaven and lives a normal life, fighting against the demons of hell and she is one of the best there is but one day she meets an demon which she start fighting and anything is going fine until the demon shows his “human” form and she gets flashbacks about her life before her death, the demon fights more while she is confused until she by accident turns into her “human” form and the demon also gets flashback making them fly away form each other to their own places. When back there the start thinking on each other and try to do their normal things until one day they find out that they was lovers while they still was humans so they start looking for each other while making sure that no ones knows about them. They find each other and start having a secret love life together but as all other love they are caught together in their “human” form and the demon are sent to the devil and the angel to god that send them to the human world with a curse making them unable to have kids together and be immortal so they will be in pain forever. They leave each other and find the love in some other people but the feelings for each other are still burning and after the lost of the lovers the demon starts looking for the angel since he want her back and he finds her and they fall in love so much that they forget about they are unable to have kids together that they make love and the feelings for each other are breaking the curse of the devil and god so they can have the kid. The angel get pregnant and they are surprised when she gives birth to a son. they use their powers to keep it a secret to the devil and god but on his 18 year birthday their powers are not strong enough anymore so hell and heaven sends their best to kill the family for good but the kid is able to beat them all up because of the powers form his parents and because god and devil is so scary of him they let the family live and end the curse of being immortal so they can lives in peace as normal people with the kid keeping the powers since he has more power than heaven and hell. The war between heaven and hell fights on but this time the family is out of it for good.

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