Light vs Darkness


Accident Times




Angels, Hell, Sword, Good vs Evil


The story is about a young man who is living a normal life while he has a big interest in old weapons and old history so he use most of his life in the library and museums and antiquity stores. One day as he walk inside a antiquity store he finds a ancient sword that he have been looking for the last 3 years and when he walks to the owner to ask what it costs, the owner do not know where it comes from or that he owned so he will give him it cheap because there is no price on it and the man is about buy it and take it out just as a young lady enters the store and grapes for the sword but the man is fast so he manage to take it first and then the female starts firing fire and lighting after him but with the sword in his hands he feel a power he never felt before and start fighting the woman and as the enters a death end road, she transform into the most beautiful he ever seen and the fight stops as she finds out that he not are the devil but too tired and bloody form the fight to talk she faints and he feels bad for her so he take her home together with the swords, the next days he waits while she heals and as he is close to sleep the 3 day she wakes up and tell him the story about her and the other angels, the devils and the sword and then he start the quest to become ready for the fight between light and darkness and finnish of a 2000 year old fight.

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