Little Monsters


Normal Times




Monsters, Clones, Breeding


It is a normal day in the main person life who lives with his wife like normal life and she is expecting their first child and all seems normal on the photos and so on or so they think as in reality the town they are living in is an setup by the government who tries hard to make perfect killer mosters. That means that all pregnancies in the town are really to create them. Today it his family turn as the baby start giving her veer so they get to the hospital which is government rule meaning they are just hired to take the small mosters and kill the family so as expect the little monster gets out and before the parents can react on it is a mister they get shoot and killed except the guy survives so when he is left in somewhere I do not know yet (maybe the cloning factory but if he does that then I do not want him to know he is there), he escapees and changes his Identity and makes a wish on that he wants to kill every one part of this from the inside and he start working at the place and a lot of things happens, one day he is working hard as a care taker of the little monsters and gets orders on to kill his coworker as she is believed to be giving out info about the place, he kills her without an single thought and he works he way up to the bosses and killing them all for the families who have given the life’s to give birth the moster, to his fear he then finds out that all he knows is a cover and that he has only kill one of the “factories” and he really is just a clone living in this fake town and that it is part of major company.

See you around