Love and Dancing


Normal Times




Dancing, Love, Ice, Pregnant


The story is about a famous dance who is suddenly pregnant and need to find and teach a replacement for some important competition and she is about to get birth before she can train the replacement very good but the replacement get help from her friends and she is falling in love with the guy who is one of the best dancers on the school and she do not know anything about dance before the practice with the real dancer but she learn and instead of dancing with the guy her pregnant teacher was going to dance with she dances with the guy form her school because they are falling in love. The week before there is a school ball and they use it as a test for the dancing and she wins a tiara of jewels and white gold. The dance competition is against other great dancers from around the world. they end 2nd best but the judges and the real dancer is still proud of them because they reached so far on the first world championship even so give them the choose to start on the best and most expensive dancing school in the world so they can become the winners next time and end the end the guy propose to the girl by making a heart with their letters in the ice because it is ice dancing instead of normal dance.

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