Love Between Enemies


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Warlords, Assasins


The story is about 2 Chinese warlords who both want the power over whole China, they have been in war so long and it have not been working so now they will start a new type of war, the war of assassins who is train to kill form their birth until they are young and ready to make the job done but as always there is someone who is different from the rest and this time it is a woman named Jin, She is trained to be the best and she is the best. Her job is to assassinate the warlord of the south but she will never complete that because the warlord of the south has just sent his most deathly assassin to kill the northern warlord. The guy is Kazuka and when the 2 of them meet there are other things that war in the air coz the 2 of them falls in love against their leader’s willingness. The leaders find out about their love and they sent their armies to crush the love between the 2 but they have train them to well so their armies is just killed. As revenge Jin and Kazuka brings the battle to the warlords and killed them one after each other and take their power but the warlords under the formers leaders forms a team against them and they need an army. They find a big mass of people who is tired of the warlords because of the wars and taxes. Together they destroy the warlords and make peace between the north and the south with Kazuka as emperor and Jin as the wife.

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