Love in Virtuality


Normal Times




Virtuality, Love, Real vs Fake, Good vs Evil


the story is about a normal guy who falls in love with a girl who is “computer made” so she does not excites in reality but the guy who falls in love with the girl do not know she is fake before the day he ask to meet her and she has troubles with answering like she not know what to answer. He becomes crazy about not living a life with the “computer made” so he start trying finding away to get inside the computer to live her instead of his normal boring life. One day he succeed and he enters the world to be with her but instead of being beside her on the computer he enters a world that is inside the computer where is some sort of human and one of the first faces he sees is the woman he have been in love with so long. He ask what is this and she tell him a long story about the world begun and the story so far and he quickly finds out that people who invented and evolve was in secretly getting help from the small people he was between. She also tells him the bad that the reason she has been contacting him is not only because she love him but because an evil lord want to conquer the world and take control of anything by making the world one big network. He can only be stop with a thing called “Virus” to the normal people but no one in this world knows how to make one and so it is all up to the guy. The guy begins working to make the virus to wipe out the lord but the lord finds out and captures him and the girl. Luckily other people is want to save the human world so they free the guy and woman so he can make the “Virus” this time he finish it and the “Virus” kills all the bad guys except for the lord. The guy goes to the place where the lord is and starts fighting him with some kind of weapon. He wins and then he get married with the woman of his dreams.

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