Love of Revolution


Normal Times




Good vs Evil, Love


It is about a guy who support the government even it is a bit evil to people like a dictatorship and one day he meets a woman who wants the dictatorship to be gone so they to of them have a fight ending with the police stop them and put them in the arrested and in same room where they not talk to each other at all and then a cop is coming inside the room and tell them if they stop fighting they can leave the place now. they get out of the arrested and walk away from each other but without they are knowing the guy lives in the apartment just over the street where her apartment is. they do not find out in beginning coz he is not walking the direct way home then one morning as he is looking out the window he sees her walking on the street but because of her new hair and other things, he do not think it is her and he get feelings for her. he look of her some more days before he go down and visit her and the first time, she do not want to talk to him coz of the fight they had but still he cannot see it is her. Then one day she gets the idea that she can use him to find out information about the dictator so she suddenly pretends she is in love with him too and they start being in love even she pretends she finds out a lot of information that way until one day he finds out that she is faking her love for him so he get so mad at her and all is very sad coz in the meantime the lady have stop pretending and was falling in love with her in love with him and then she tries to get him back and then some things happens I do not know yet before they falls in love for real and get married.

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