Love On The Battlefield


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Lover never ends


It is the story of two life’s in two countries who have been in love forever until a Great War starts and they plan to meet as they never know what will happen as the war is anywhere. The guy is shy so his brother as a cover and a reason to go there and he start searching for the woman but no matter where he goes he cannot find her and he is starting to give up hope to find her until he random meet her parents and finds out that she is part of the resistance and that is why he cannot find her. But the parents knows where she is and that is in the house where he lives in the country so he have been close to her all the time only know one knew. Finally they meet and the reason she lives in secret is because she is a great code maker that makes the resistance talk. They kiss and spend time in secret in the meantime the father of the shy guy is mad as he have found out the boy and brother have left without telling and been using money that wasn’t theirs but when he finds out that the shy guy did it for love, he becomes good. The liver pair starts fighting back at the ones who start the war and doing the time their love gets stronger and the have a little baby girl but the evil have found out where they lives and things start getting hard but they manage and in they end they finish up the evil and become married so they can live together and all people are happy.

See you around