Accident Times




Sibling war, Good vs Evil


it is about to young woman who is a famous general of an army and the things could not be better for her as the army is wining a lot of battles against enermies but one day when she is in her battle tent, she gets kidnapped and switched out with her unknown twinsister who is the derect opposited of her so the soldiers quickly feels the changes but they have no idea of why so slowly the twinsister is ruining the greatness the real sister has build up. Soon the leader of the country is tried that she is losing and that it seems like she enjoys that her men is killed so he want to kill her and orders his 3 best to kill her but the evil twin finds out so they use it to make them kill the twin sister instead. They thinks that it was a great idea and use the death to secretly get an amry to the palace to kill the emperor and take the power but the ghost of the dead sister gets in the way and kills the soldiers but takes control of the sisters body so she is the one who will be a ghost forever. The soldiers who capture her can feel they got their old leader back so they bring her to the emperor who as what happened and she tells the story about that she was killed and became a ghost and he feels he can trust her again. but inside her body are 2 souls fighting against each other. one good, another bad but sisters.

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