Normal Times




Police, Crime, Death


The story is about inspector Andy who is leader of one of the best teams in the world and there is not the assignment they cannot handle but their worst nightmare for them because one of the college form the team is murdered and what is worse the killer is leaving traces that not make sense at all. Then the next team member is killed a motive is started to make sense for the rest of the team that the person who is the murderer is killing the team so they most quickly find out who it is so the killing can stop. This go on until 3 people of team is left but showing scenes of the team members getting kill somewhere dark and the last one before they are 3 left gets to say “YOU Why” before killed. The one of the 2 left except for Andy finds a secret file about Andy on the computer about his past telling his a mass murderer and so on. He tells the other guy it without knowing the guy is the guy who is the murderer and the one putting the file on the pc so it is Andy instead of him. Andy get shoot because the guy finding the file does not believe that Andy tells the truth. When done scouting he hear a voice saying thank for doing my job. He turns around and sees the last form his team standing with a gun and ready to fire. He asks why and the guy tells that is a hobby for him. Then he is about to shout but another person shout him first the person is Andy and he is only wounded because the other guy did not hit so well. They laugh about that the murderer is killed and end the end they are standing together next to 5 graves of the team members.

See you around