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Love, Sepreted, Falling in love again


A boy and a girl, both of them come from different country and meet in Italy (might be the work place, or coffee shop, or museum, etc.), they found they have a lot of commons and become friends very quickly, so after work, every weekend and holidays, they always go traveling together in Italy. But because of some reason, the girl have to leave and back to her country (could be the boy too, depends on which you want), another one keep staying in Italy and work, however, when the girl backs to her country, they lose the contact, and the boy misses her so much. A few years after, boy still can see the figure of himself and the girl everywhere they’ve been in Italy, and it is too painful, therefore, the boy leaves Italy and back to his own country (or maybe somewhere, to another new country). During the boy still in Italy, the girl’s part here because her work visa is expired (or maybe the company ask her backs, or might be some extraordinary reasons, so far now I can’t think what it is), at first, she wants to get back to Italy so much, so she hard-working every day to try to get back to Italy, however, there’s always have something to stop her (something I don’t know what it is now), plus she forgot to get the boy’s contact, and not so sure does the boy still stay in Italy, so day after day, she becoming forget Italy and the boy, and restarting her new life in her country. A few years after, a friend email the girl, it is about her friend’s Italian wedding and invites her to attend (or a friend goes traveling in Italy and sends a postcard to the girl, etc.), and the place looks very familiar to her; the boy is cleaning up his flat, he is trying to organize his bookcases, and found some books that he been a long time not read it, after he saw an Italy travel guide book (or he is cleaning up his flat and his TV is turning on also, then he just heard the TV is showing a commercial is about traveling in Italy, and he remember that is a place he went travel with the girl), so both of them want to get the feeling they had and the memories they had in Italy when they was totally forgot what was the feeling in Italy, then they pack their bag, buy the ticket, on the way to Italy. When they back to Italy again, there’s a little feeling getting back, and they start to remember the first day they here for the work, so they try to travel to the places where they used to live and work, after traveling to the places where they went travel together. Someday, somewhere in Italy, they finally travel to the same place and meet again, (then the ending I guess you know how to make it ends.)

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