Red Moon


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil


The story is about that the 6 gates to hell is open because it is the year of the devil. 3 heroes have trained all there life to be able to be the evil once and for all. The holy warrior who has his samurai sword and his close combat skills. The female warrior with her arrow and understanding in herbs and other medicine things and the old man who knows the power of magic and the history of the evils. There is also an angel but he is not part of the group but still he enters the fight against the evils. The first gate opens in the sea around Japan and the monster is the legendary leviathan. The second gates open in the earth and an earth monster is ready for fight. The 3th gate opens in a volcano so it is the monster of fire. The 4th gate opens snow so the monster is snow monster. The 5th gate opens in the sky so a flying monster is attacking. The 6 gate is open in a secret place inside a mountain where Diablo is getting out. They killed the monsters one by one and the only lose is the old man in the fight against fire monster and in return the angel helps them. The fight is Diablo is only won because the hero and woman shows their love after the fall of the angel and that summers the most powerful angel and protector. The angel fights and wins over Diablo and is returning to be the love of the hero and heroine. They destroy the portal and the mountain so no one enters it again.

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