Review of A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

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Stephen Page

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The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions

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Today I have faced a new challange as I have never reviewed poetry before but lets start simple and say that the book is a collection of 20 poems which is nicely crafted about anything from farming to eggs to soldiers. And events that happens and because I used to live on the country I know many of the things plus the events is described very good. I am not so good in reading symbols but the feels the way that the collection is ordered it is almost like a novel as it could be describing different days. I also like that it is not just the same type of poetry over and over again fx some parts is only 2 lines long while other poems is one part with out dividing. I also like it feels like events the writer have experienced as Teresa is named is some of the poems while also being dedicated to her in the beginning so even he says it is not then it is described really life like and I wish I could do something like that for my own novel. There is also a lot of words that I normally won’t understand much of but he have made a glossary for those needing help. So all in all a very completed poetry collection that I am glad I got the chance to review as I am normally not reading does. If I have to pick a favourite of the poems I guess ”The Day a Rabbit Fell Out of a Tree” because of the way it is build up and that even you get almost all the facts then it leaves you with a question. Plus I love this part
How strange.
Was this a sign?
If I were Roman, Trojan, or Greek,
I am sure I would believe so.
As I like cultures in what I read and again the way it is build up.


39 pages


Describing poems


6 out of 6 stars as I cannot say it is my favourite as I don’t read poems often.


Yes for sure and guess I might have a look at his others works


Thanks to Stephen Page for letting me get a free copy to read and review

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