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The reason I want to review this service is because I have now tried to stay at 5 different places around in the UK starting in London, then Nottingham following Liverpool, Manchester and in the end Edinburgh and wont say which is which but some of the palaces was fantastic and other was not as great but still fine but my feeling with the service is that is a good way to try something else than just hotels and so on but after my try I am not sure I want to do that again even less if I was more people than myself as it is too different of what you get as one place I felt like it was only the owners bedroom I was not allowed into while others then I had a small one plus bathroom which would be fine if I knew that the bedroom was my size which it was not by about a inch or two but I managed as I had so many plans out in town that I only was there to sleep and relax but that was the bad thing as if I just had went on a hotel I could be pretty sure that it had a bed for me… as a side node I am about 180cm so most beds and rooms are my size. Other than that I would say that if you are alone it is good even I guess you can find homes for more people. You can use the apps anywhere and it have offline use so you can find your place without internet but you won’t get new massage. I have not tried their support but hopes it a bit better than their way of getting feedback as I felt it was an one way as I have not gotten any response. I also like the part that you can review people homes while they can review me as person. Guess that was more or less what there was to say about it


  • You text people like a messenger
  • Simple and easy to use plus work anywhere
  • Feels safe
  • Use it if you want to go somewhere else than the rest


  • You do not know how the room is before you are there even that there are pictures
  • Not sure I want to use it again expect if I am going on of my places again
  • Some use it only for money instead of a way of making new friends which I feel it is

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