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An hackable code editor


Atom Editor

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Atom Editor


Here is the review of my favorite code editor that works on PC as my normal mac coding app Coda is not able there but anyway this app can do many of the same things that I like fx many code languages and autocompletion of code. I have only used it for SQL at the moment but it is simple, fast and best of free at the moment. I am sure that if it some day get paid to use I would not hesitate a second and buy it in an instant. The app is working simple but as I said in my use then it is hackable meaning you can make themes and learn it new tricks like more languages and so on. It has search and replace while also boosting of having multi file display leaving no need for other apps for coding except for a ftp if you are hosting that way. So go ahead and download it now.


  • Speedy
  • Can be as simple or advanced you like it
  • Many hidden talents
  • Autocompletion


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