Review of Bear notes


App Versions:

iOS, Mac

App Release:



A note creating app


Shiny Frog

Known from:

Pixa, Image2icon, Delibar


This is a app for writing notes which is more simple and clear than others as you are writing in markdown language instead of focusing on different kinds of styles like bold and italic so that is why I like it plus it is able sync between my devices if you pay for pro plus it can export notes to different formats so that way I can keep all my backup in Droplr. You can add text and photos to your nodes. It is easy to keep the notes under control as other than names then you have tags but would like someway of searching them but all in all I like it and cannot wait to see how it is growing.


  • clean interface
  • markdown language
  • cheap sync
  • lots of export ways


  • no Android app yet bit might come later

See you around