Review of Blankpage



None but website works anywhere


A website for writing you own novel anywhere you have internet



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Review: is a place where you write your novel online without being afraid of it only able in one program as this is a website that works anywhere so you can write on it anywhere which is nice except for places without internet. The setup is nice too as all you have to do is creating a new story and then you can add piece inside it which can be any text you like so you have total control over it. There is no format tools so far I can see but there are goals so you can remind yourself to write every day which is cool too. I like it being simple and the idea is cool but wish it had markdown support (indirectly it has) and I also miss a dark mode so you can write late without losing your eyes. The prices starts at 10usd a month which is maybe a bit expensive for what it can now but other than that I like the idea and I am glad to support it.


  • Cool idea
  • Simple
  • Export
  • Goals


  • Too simple at times, like no formatting but guess it is new plus you need to focus on your novel
  • A bit expensive but I like it
  • No dark mode
  • Exports all text

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