Review of Bloom – Colouring Book

Bloom - Coloring Book

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iOS, android

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Coloring book for adults



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I have been reviewing a colour book before and even this have a few problems like no profile, no sync between devices I already feels this might become my new colouring book as it is cheap, and it is made by the same people who made Peak an brain training app I also uses almost daily. It has lots of content for every kind of taste that people might have so I really like it plus you can feel it is by people who have made an app for brain before as really makes me relax. There is also a daily challenge where you have to use your camera to find three colours in real life that they have picked out for you and if you find the three colours, you will be rewarded with a picture for you to draw or save for later. This feature is surely made because of all the reality stuff apple wants but it works well and I like the idea. This feature also makes me have one small problem with this app is that there is there is no sync between the iPad and iPhone app so you need to look like a foul when capturing colours with iPad as I prefer to draw on that even that the colouring is easy on iPhone too. But other than that then I guess I only need the possible to import own content so I can draw whatever I like.


  • Cheap
  • Lots of content
  • Daily colour challenge
  • Simple


  • No sync at all
  • import own drawings

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